What is Virtual Assistance?

So many entrepreneurs and independent professionals are taking advantage of today’s vast array of technology to bypass the expense of paying office rent and work from home.  The down side of this means they may also give up the support of staff and easy access to someone with whom they can brainstorm.  The exodus is happening from the other side of the desk as well.  More administrative professionals are seeking better balance between work and family, more opportunities to use or expand their skills and simply to be more in control of their day-to-day lives and future.  There’s a saying –  when the need arises, the solution arrives.  Enter Virtual Assistance.

Virtual Assistants are experienced and trained professionals who have chosen to be business owners to provide administrative, and sometimes technical, support services to these SOHO’s from their own home offices.  Without the traditional business model to get in the way, the path is open for true collaboration to happen.  Ideally this results in a long-term partnership in which each person gets what they need and the goals of both are met with ease.

What it is not

Our work together is done in the context of an ongoing partnership in which we are each committed to your success.  If that work involves frequent emergencies and short deadlines, consists of only one task or is delegated in the form of  individual projects, we cannot properly support you to reach success.  We will gladly  put you in touch with someone in our network who could handle your task(s).


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